Community Health Needs Assessment


Introduction to Community Health Need Assessments for Sangamon, Logan and Christian Counties

Improving the Health of the People and Communities We Serve

In 2011, Memorial Health Center’s three hospitals, Memorial Medical Center in Sangamon County, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Logan County and Taylorville Memorial Hospital in Christian County, began the process of conducting community health need assessments. Our assessment process brought together representatives from public health, social services and other healthcare organizations to examine data indicators for our counties and to share their personal insights and experiences with health needs in our respective communities. This process reflects our commitment to our mission to improve the health of the people and communities we serve.

Although we approached the community health need assessment as a health system, each hospital assessed its own county’s needs and secured input from representatives from their respective counties. Each hospital will develop and implement its plans to address the identified needs within its own county. The final health need priorities are:

  1. Access to Healthcare
  2. Cardiovascular Disease
  3. Obesity
  4. Diabetes

Each hospital developed an implementation plan to address the priorities of the community health need assessment which will begin Oct. 1, 2012 (the beginning of fiscal year 2013). Please select the hospital below whose community health need assessment and implementation plan you would like to learn more about.